Professional Workshops



DEI Recruitment and Hiring

Most organizations claim to value diversity in hiring, but few create the systemic change necessary to support it. This workshop uses role-playing and reflective group work to develop the competencies necessary to create an environment that supports finding—and retaining—qualified, diverse talent.


  • Learn tools and techniques for finding qualified, diverse talent

  • Shift your hiring culture toward transparency and inclusion

  • Create interviews that mitigate the effects of unconscious bias

  • Assess the impact of your efforts using metrics

  • Reallocate resources toward BIPOC-owned staffing agencies

  • Identify opportunities to leverage your privilege to create advocacy in your space

Target Audience

Human resources professionals, talent acquisition leaders, recruiters, hiring managers



White Anti-Racist Caucusing

A White anti-racist caucus provides a space for White staff to share struggles, build authentic relationships, and create accountability with colleagues of color as they work to address systemic racism in their own place of work. This undertaking is complex, challenging—and when done effectively, a critical support to becoming an anti-racist organization.


  • Plan and facilitate a successful caucus where people listen and learn from one another

  • Establish appropriate communication with People of Color in your organization to ensure your group’s activities are actually aligned with their best interests

  • Build trusting relationships among White staff that will enable them to support each other through challenging situations

  • Identify and address common pitfalls in this work: gossip, over-intellectualizing, self-righteousness, and getting stuck

Target Audience

Anyone interested in creating (or currently participating in) a White anti-racist caucus in the workplace



Becoming an Anti-Racist Partner in the Workplace

You’ve studied, you’ve attended rallies and protests, you’ve had tough conversations with friends and family. But do you have the same confidence when it feels like your job could be on the line? Learn how to leverage your power and privilege to create real economic opportunities for People of Color.


  • Workshop what has been helpful, what not—and why

  • Connect your intent with with those most impacted through authentic relationships

  • Leverage your influence with vendors in your professional arena

Target Audience

Leaders interested in dismantling systemic racism in their line of work.


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