Implementation Support


IRD’s implementation support offers tailored, on-demand assistance to ensure that you are successful when implementing a new ATS or adding modules to your current platform.


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Custom Training

Our implementation support begins with customized online training that builds on the vendor's curriculum. After processes have been set up in the system, we provide user acceptance training to groups of recruiters and hiring managers. As the go-live date approaches, we offer online training to all user groups and provide support for individuals who will be training others, as well as technical assistance as the trainer becomes more familiar with the system.

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Process Validation

To guarantee that all issues in your process have been resolved, it is essential to thoroughly validate the system. As your team is still getting familiar with the new ATS, it may be difficult to fully understand problems that arise during validation. To speed up the validation process and ensure that all critical elements are addressed before go-live, we collaborate closely with your team on a daily basis, making any necessary adjustments to the system in real-time.

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Your IRD consultant works with no more than two implementation clients at a time, ensuring that you receive exceptional responsiveness. Calls and emails before 2 pm are returned by the end of each business day. This can be very helpful when your team encounters a significant issue. The expertise and perspective of an IRD consultant can save you significant time by providing clarity on complex processes.

Embedding in your Team

Our consultants are carefully selected for both their technical knowledge and their interpersonal skills. They are collaborative, friendly, and trustworthy, and work closely with your team to gain an understanding of your organization's culture and specific business needs. This allows us to provide guidance not only on industry best practices but also on what will be most effective for your specific talent environment. It is important to understand not only the processes but also the people in your organization.

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Dashboard Customization

Given the high level of customization options for your ATS, each login group will benefit from a unique dashboard configuration. IRD has developed a specialized dashboard method to ensure that all users are always aware of their tasks. We also offer the option of creating custom executive dashboards using Power BI and Tableau for an additional fee.

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Our team is composed of a variety of experts, including former employees from your ATS vendor, system administrators from large companies with experience implementing the system across various industries, and former recruiters and talent acquisition leaders with in-depth knowledge of TA processes. This diverse range of experience allows us to not only provide technical expertise but also to align your configuration with your actual workflows from a TA process perspective.

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Custom Documentation

To effectively cater to different learning styles, we implement a multidisciplinary approach in our training methods, which includes closed-captioned videos, written documentation, and in-platform training materials. Additionally, we create a comprehensive visual process map that outlines all aspects of your workflows, including recruiting steps, notifications, integrations, and more. This map not only safeguards against potential disruptions caused by key staff turnover, but it also serves as a valuable resource for future optimization efforts.

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Extra Pair of Hands

To ensure that you meet your deadline for going live, we take on major configuration projects independently, which allows your team more time for training, validation, and important discussions about process. This is important because in a perfect world, you would have six months or more to complete your implementation, but in reality, unforeseen circumstances can arise. If you fail to meet your go-live date, it may result in needing to extend your contract with your previous ATS vendor, which can be quite costly.

Post Go-Live Support

After going live, there will be a flow of requests from recruiters, hiring managers, and directors. We can help you manage these requests by promptly making system modifications, creating reports, modifying dashboards, and escalating any issues to the vendor's technical support team when necessary. We are a valuable partner in this process, who can help you triage these requests effectively.

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