System Optimization


Achieve exceptional results with optimization
services that are tailored to your needs.

The System Analysis is an effective way to determine what you need to maximize the value of your recruiting technology investments. We review your ATS, onboarding solution, and integrations with your HCM and other key systems.

Our 4-week process is more comprehensive than any other provider in this space. Some of the research we perform during discovery include:

  • A complete analysis of the candidate experience
  • Interviews with Talent Acquisition leaders, recruiters, and other key staff who are involved in your recruiting and onboarding processes
  • A review of dashboard functionality for all login groups
  • An evaluation of the integrity of your system’s data

And much more.

Once our analysis is complete, we create a custom-tailored optimization project based on your needs and priorities, including estimated costs and timelines. We also recommend additional technology investments where they can be beneficial.

As processes change over time, it’s important for your workflows to adapt accordingly. Sometimes, a workflow that made sense during implementation may need to be refined to better meet your needs.

We evaluate your workflows to identify opportunities for enhanced efficiency by:

  • Identifying outdated recruiting workflow steps
  • Reorganizing statuses to be grouped logically into larger reporting units
  • Implementing entrance criteria to ensure a logical flow of information
  • Configuring notifications to keep all relevant staff informed as candidates move through your recruiting workflow

Optimizing your workflow can save your recruiters time, make the system more user-friendly, and provide candidates with a faster, smoother job application experience.

To adjust your workflows efficiently, process mapping is crucial. We use Microsoft Visio to create a highly detailed diagram of all crucial aspects of your system, including:

  • Recruiting workflow statuses
  • Event notifications
  • iForms
  • Dashboard reports
  • Auto-launch actions
  • Integrations

The final document is a comprehensive blueprint of your entire process and serves as a safeguard against staff turnover. It’s also an effective reference document for other optimization work.

Process mapping allows you to see both the finer details of your hiring process and the broader perspective.

Data integrity problems can hinder your ability to create meaningful metrics that drive data-driven decision making.

We assess your data, provide suggestions on how to clean it in a secure and responsible manner, and adjust your data collection methods to ensure that future data is more accurate.

Source data can be particularly challenging to collect, yet it is crucial information that can help you target your recruitment efforts.

After cleaning your source data, we set up reporting in your system that allows you to see which sources of talent are most effective for your recruitment efforts.

The first impression your portal gives to candidates can have a significant impact on your brand image. We evaluate the ease of use and speed of the application process, as well as the availability and organization of information for candidates. We also check for redundant data entry and make recommendations for streamlining the experience.

With the increasing competition for talent, candidate experience has become a crucial factor in the hiring process. We can help you optimize the candidate experience and measure the results through ongoing reporting.

We ensure that your dashboards provide all the necessary information to the relevant staff by customizing them according to the login group. We also include all the information from email notifications in the dashboard reports to prevent important tasks from being missed. We provide a unique methodology to help you organize and maintain your dashboards for easy editing and adjustments.

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