Ardent Health Services implemented iCIMS in under 90 days

Ardent Health Services is a privately held corporation employing more than 26,000 staff. Operating 30 hospitals and 180 clinical locations, the hospital system serves patients in New Jersey, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Iowa, and Idaho.

The HR department at Ardent Health Services needed a new applicant tracking system that allowed them to manage recruiting and onboarding. They decided to transition to iCIMS, an industry-leading applicant tracking system.

“The people at Integral Recruiting Design are extremely knowledgeable team players with excellent communication skills. We may not have met our iCIMS implementation deadline without their help.”

However, once they had signed with iCIMS they needed to implement as soon as possible.

“Due to the accelerated timeline, we needed external help to assist with the transition to iCIMS. We also needed a team that was well-versed in industry best practices since the transition to our then-current system was a strenuous process,” explained Frances Sexton, Director of HRIS at Ardent Health Services. “That view was confirmed by iCIMS. So, they recommended that the hospital engage Integral Recruiting Design.”

As soon as Integral Recruiting Design was brought on board, the team assessed the situation and formulated a roadmap for the transition to iCIMS. The Ardent Health Services team was worried that they wouldn’t be able to implement the system in under 90 days. However, the Integral Recruiting Design team assured them that it was possible.

This assurance was crucial because signing another six-month contract with their previous vendor would have cost over $150,000.

“Not being familiar with iCIMS, we were concerned with how efficiently the transition was progressing,” shared Frances. “That’s why we were pleased that the Integral Recruiting Design team tested the system daily and validated that it was functioning properly. Finding even minor flaws increases the system’s usability.”

“I absolutely recommend Integral Recruiting Design. They are, and continue to be, a great resource for us.”

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